Thursday, July 8, 2010

She will be missed...

Funerals are not my cup of tea.  I know that nobody really likes them, but I have a real "issue" with them I am learning.  Maybe it comes from my "spiritual" beliefs, and in knowing that the person's soul has simply moved on, it is only the body that has quit working, and so therefore I have a very hard time with these sort of formal goodbyes.  I find myself wanting to deal with life traumas in private, maybe in Mother Nature, so in other words I usually turn tail and run!
But today is a little different.  Grandma Boehme is my brother-in-law's (BIL) Grandma.  Now, to many families this is a very distant, possibly even unknown relative.  Fortunately in our family that is not the case.  I was blessed to know Grandma B through my nieces and nephews various activities, and of course way back when, when her wonderful Grandson became my oh so lucky BIL.
It was her keen intelligence that always struck me; and the twinkle in her eyes that went with it.  She was a woman with a story and was glad to share it.  She had been a school teacher for many years, and was very flattering when I got my first article published years ago.  She was one of the first people that really encouraged me to write professionally, although I would imagine she was the type of gal to encourage just about anyone to do just about anything!
I know that my sister and her family will miss her terribly.  But I hope they find comfort in the knowledge that their little Grandma Boehme touched the soul of everyone she came in contact with.  She lives on and on in all of us with our special memories of her and her little pieces of encouragement and advice.  Thank you for sharing her with us.


pshepherd said...

Oh, Judy, what a wonderful tribute. You certainly have a way with words; you described her perfectly. We love her, too.
I love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tribute Judy. It meant a lot! This will be a sad day but also a celebration of such an amazing life. Love, Lisa

Daisy said...

She sounds like an amazing woman who made an important impact on many. What a wonderful tribute to a very special life.

lfhpueblo said...

Yes, she lives on, though not in the physical sense.
I'm glad she was able to touch so many lives, as your blog also touches many lives.
How lucky those that knew her were, though they are sad at her passing, they truly have great memories to look back upon.
I think if many people strived to leave behind great memories of themselves in those they had contact with while they were living the world would be a blessed and wonderous place for each person of mankind to live in.