Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Weekend for family

This weekend my family is a little bit jumbled, and it is wonderful.  My oldest son is with my Dad at a Leadsled Spectacular event in Kansas.  I have my youngest two and my niece and nephews, and my other sister and BIL will help pick up Mom from the airport so that Dad and Thomas can enjoy their time with the cool cars!
 That's me, on the far right.  Nice hair, huh?
Dad's Beautiful '56 Chevy

The event in Kansas is one that goes way back with my family, so I am very glad that my son gets to participate with my Dad, let alone the quality time that they are having.  We used to go when we were kids; imagine my poor Dad dragging three daughters to these car events.  One year we went, and my parents had poodle skirts and sweaters made for all of us.  They were absolutely adorable (I still have mine), and Mom had the gal put our initials on the sweaters, like Laverne used to do.  The problem was that my sister's name is Lisa (you know, L, just like Laverne) and she was 21 at the time, so you can imagine how well that went over...
These events are something.  Thomas called me last night just wound for sound.  They had been to the drag racing event and he was so excited because a "gnarly"  looking car had won the race, gnarly meaning it would have fit in fine in my neighborhood he said, versus the very expensive looking competitors.  The year that we went, there was a Marilyn Monroe look a like contest that Dad and I spent the day getting me ready for and due to last minute jitters, I backed out of, so I know how much these folks get into the "swing" of things!
My weekend with the kids has been pretty uneventful for me.  As I have found with older kids, they tend to only pay attention to us adults when they are hungry or tired.  Which to me is fantastic.  They have spent a lot of time in the RV that is parked in the driveway; listening to music and sharing all sorts of "cousin" memories I am sure.  I do have the joy of sharing my critters and my lovely mountain surroundings with the city kids, but they can only stand so much of that, so we break it up into intervals-ha!
So, here is to spending time with family, whether it be your own, or your sister's, or maybe your daughter's.  It doesn't really matter whose family you chose to spend time with, I suppose you could even make the neighbor's family your own, as long as it is one you enjoy spending time with, do it.  Just make sure they know how much you love each and every one of them.  You never know, you might learn that you have a rebellious nephew just like you who is out to save the world too, amazing!

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Jim and Pat Shepherd said...

Hi Judy. Thanks for the wonderful post. Yes, Thomas and I got to spend what I hope was quality time. I really talked his ear off, since we have not been able to spend much quality time together in the past couple of years. The car show had over 1500 cars and we had a great time talking about various car things.

During the eight hours drive each way, we got to do a lot of talking and that was sure fun for me.

Love, Dad