Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We finally met a moose...

 Not my photo, obviously, but too cool not to share!

We did not have the chance to give him a muffin.  Of course I am only joking, you know that I would never feed the wildlife.  It is a series of books that my Mom reads all of her grand kids!  He was just passing through, and did not even stop for a snack, but was here long enough for me to thank him, and wish him luck in his breeding endeavors in our neighborhood!
We had heard of him passing through the campground right before we got there yesterday afternoon to clean the fire pits.  I was broken hearted to hear we had missed him by minutes.  We did our work and headed home, where we got the message that another neighbor had seen him working his way down the valley.  There was still hope!!!
I kept my eye out the rest of the afternoon, but you know how it gets at dinner time and chore time.  I also snuck in a couple of hair cuts during that time too.  Whew, I am one busy gal-ha!  Anyway, after keeping my eye out the window for hours, I'm up finishing the chores and putting Marcel back in after a day of grazing when I hear Tom honking his way home from his turn at the campgrounds.
Isabella is yelling, "there's a moose in our yard", and sure enough, big as day, there he was.  Right in my yard.  Like I said, he just quickly passed right on through, no time to get the camera or we would have missed seeing his big bad self.  He was almost jet black, still had felt on his beautiful antlers and looked as if he knew how spectacular he was.
The great part of the story is that he must have spent the afternoon in the dark timber right near where that neighbor who called lives.  He chose to come out onto the road right in front of Isabella and Tom on their way home and just sort of walked in front of them until he got nervous when another car came by our house and then came here.  That gave them time to come and tell us, so that we could catch a glimpse of him as well.  Man I love living in the mountains!


A.C. Byrne said...

That is a very cool moose. Was he up here or at your place in the Natl Forest? I have always wanted to see a moose.

lfhpueblo said...

How cool. I've seen wild antelope, wild foxes, wild turkeys, lots of Hawks, Owls, and once a Bald Eagle, but never a live wild moose.