Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A work day poem

I didn't want to go to work,
My life was feeling a little too berserk.
Cleaning fire pits and picking up trash,
Can really be a big old pain in my ass.

But I really must go,
they aren't going to clean themselves, you know.
So I will make the best of it,
Because I am a tough little chit.

I grab my shovel and rake,
along with my pail I do take.
And there as I work a Stellar Jay flies by,
While a chipmunk is running up high.

A Gray Squirrel gets mad we are in her space,
And throws pine cones at Isabellas little face.
A chickadee is hopping down a nearby pine,
Gee, I am really glad this job is mine!


Royal Ranch said...

God job Mommy and I never know a pine cone could hurt!
Love Isabella

lfhpueblo said...

What a beautiful poem,
and how wonderful you can see the beauty of nature all around you even when you do have to do those daily chores that sometimes feel like a pain in the chit. LOL.