Monday, September 13, 2010

Are you ready Rebels? The "Monsters" won big last night, let's learn from them!

What exactly is a Royal Ranch Rebel?  Is it similar to Lady Gagas Little Monsters?  Well, sort of.  I have found myself pulling my foot out of my mouth so many times in the past few weeks, it is unbelievable.  And a couple of the times, I almost offended people that I really would never want to offend in my life.  What is my problem?

I really am a kind, compassionate human being; sometimes to the detriment of myself even.  But, on the other hand, that rebellious part of me can really turn me into a bitch, which isn't at all cool.  I've been thinking a lot in the past few days, because I've had the time, and I don't really like me at this point in time.  I'm a little too quick to jump to conclusions, and way too suspicious, and I am being way too quick to speak, that is for sure.

And that is not what I think a Royal Ranch Rebel is all about.  The Royal Ranch "celebrates each and every individual spirit."  And I am all about loving thy neighbor, so I don't know where all of this suspicion and negativity is coming from.  Well, actually I do, it is chronic pain, and to me, that is no excuse.

It's been sort of an epiphany few days for me.  My back went bad again, but even worse, my worst personality traits came to light.  The same things that make me a  rebel are turning me into the sort of person I would rebel against, you know?

But I have also realized a couple of things.  I have been participating in much deeper conversations than I would normally be in.  Deep, emotional conversations, like about racism and disabilities and cancer and stuff, stuff that really touches peoples souls.  So maybe I am just not used to having such emotional conversations, and I am not even coming off as offensive as I fear.  Most of the folks have known that I was trying to learn or help, just saying it wrong or whatever.

So what am I going to do about it?  Well, admitting I have a problem is the first step.  No really, I think that is true, even if it sounds funny, just acknowledging the fact that I am carrying around too much negativity, will help me get rid of it.   And well, I guess maybe I will rebel against my current rebelliousness, is that even a word?  I guess so since spell check didn't kick me out-ha!

I am also going to learn to cut myself some slack.  A friend of mine said something funny to me the other day.  I told her I was feeling lame about not having accomplished something silly, can't even remember now, and she said, "well, I think you're Superwoman, so you call me next time you feel that way!", and she was totally dead serious.

You know, your husband and your family can tell you time and again your doing a good job, or that you need to give your self a break, but sometimes a "girlfriend" is exactly what you need.  It was a reminder that my Rebel group is going to work.  And it's not just for girls (or monsters), it's for support, and positive feedback. 

So although you may not like Twitter, or Facebook, I know you like this blog.  So hook up with me on one of them (or all of them for that matter) and let's get this thing started.  I plan on looking for and posting (and tweeting) tips and helpful hints on reaching goals, and other achievement based articles.   And like Lady Gaga, as crazy as she is, I got your back! 

I have been gathering my mail daily, and started a new PT routine for my back.  As for business goals, I think that is what I will work on with you Rebels; are you ready?  How 'bout Friday's? 

So what is it that you will be striving towards?  I know that Ifhpueblo is working towards a walking program with her new puppy, and I bet Tiffany has a running goal in mind, or is it a certain amount of product by such and such date?  How about you?  See you Rebels with goals in hand on Friday!

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Daisy said...

School just started. That puts me in a position of having many, many goals. Some I'll meet, some I won't, but many I won't know for sure until June. Right now: restructuring reading instruction to teach a significant number of kids who are in 4th grade but reading at a 1st grade level. No Child Left Behind? Someone left these kids behind, it wasn't me, but I'm in charge of getting them caught up. Big time.