Friday, September 24, 2010

Royal Rebel Friday

Good morning Rebels!  I hope you have been working towards your goals this week.  Let's see what have I been doing to work towards my goals?  Well, I am collecting and handling the mail each day.  I have worked with two of my lenders and gotten on programs to get us completely caught up.  Now this is a real pain in the rumpy, but very worth it, because of late fees and calls.  Now when I meet with my new bookkeeper, I will have some great progress to report.

The exciting news of the day though, is that I was working in my daughter's classroom yesterday and her teacher had me go to the office to make some copies.  Well, this never seems to go well for me.  I don't like asking the overly busy secretary for help anyway, and the damn original looked like an accordion when we were done with it, but we finally got my 125 copies done.  So off I went.  I was elsewhere in the building and came back to the classroom to hear that she had called me back to the office.  I got the "oooohhh, you're in big trouble" from the class, and dreadedly picked up the phone.

Guess what had happened in that few minutes?  One of the teachers from the pre-school had brought her one of my books, that a student had brought from home!  She was calling to tell me she didn't know she was "wrestling" the copy machine with a famous author!!!!  I just laughed and laughed.  She asked where she could get the book, and I of course told her I'd bring her one as soon as I could.

But the funny thing is, I couldn't track down the student that had the book.  So... this is one of the first books that has just appeared.  It is not one that I have sold to a friend or family member...See Rebels, our hard work is paying off!  Let's stick to it.

How about you, what have you been up to this week?


Daisy said...

How wonderful! A student at the school bought it Just Because. What a great boost for you!

lfhpueblo said...

Well, I worked this week on getting our tree branches cut up into smaller pieces for the Fall Clean-Up our community has. I actually felt spiritually lead to cut a lot of it up into kindling sizes, even though my husband kept telling me it was all going to the dump anyways. Well we had all the larger branch pieces that were cleaned of small outbranchings and leaves cut into five foot long pieces or smaller.
I got them stacked near the road for the truck to come and pick them up. We paid $15 for our ticket and because my husband is considered a senior (barely) they would come and pick it up, instead of us having to take it to the dump off point in the community.
Well while I was getting the last of it near the road about 7:30 this morning, a very old man, somewhat crippled came and stopped in his very old truck. I went to the window on his truck and asked him if he needed anything. He asked what we doing with this wood. I told him. He said he cooks and keeps his house heated with wood eight months out of the year. I asked him if he wanted the wood. He said yes. So I asked him how he wanted it put into the back of his truck. He got out with his cane and told me.
I helped load the wood on his truck, and then the hubster came out and helped us too. We felt good when the older man told us that this wood would almost get him through a whole month. He really liked the kindling. I had the equivalent of two very large boxes of that. I knew there was a reason I was suppose to take time doing that, I just did. He was the reason though I hadn't meet him yet.
So, for the guys who were coming to pick up stuff we just put out about a third of the smaller leaved stuff, not really good for burning in a fireplace.
The rest we will do a controlled burn on when we get the okay from our fire department.
I've also been babying our min pin who got sick from our newer dog. We tried the just wait and see approach the vet wanted, but after 18 days of being sick, he was plain worn out. So we have him on antibiotics now. I also treated our newer dogs ears, something was going on, because she had lots of blood, wax and dirt in the left one. I got it all cleaned out and treated.
We played with the dogs at the park in the afternoon. They did lots of running and fetching of balls.
Well, my world is never as busy as yours, but that's okay. I like things really calm.