Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall colors and Judy keepin' it real

You know, I was so excited today with the response to my new Facebook page for The Royal Ranch.  It was really quite surprising; not only in the number of people, but who it was.  So since things were already on a little bit of a mixed up trend, and I;m getting ready for my big launch of Royal Rebels on Friday, I decided to do my post a little differently today.  I did part of post via video, so please bear with me and all of my nervous umm's, but I am new to this... so here goes:

And by the way, I was so excited about my idea to record my post I forgot one of the main reasons I was videoing.  That is to ask all of you to do the same.  Get your cameras and video recorders ready to record your goals for the Rebels and send them to me.  You can either send me a link to a YouTube video or e-mail me a picture to judy at royalranch dot net; this way we can all share in one anothers goals and successes.


Tiffany said...

How come only half of this article appears here? In my reader, I get about double... Huh.

Well anyway, I totally have goals, and I am not making you a video. LOL we haven't planned our lesson for tomorrow, you know. Yikes! How about we shake things up in the cafeteria?

I should probably make a running goal... But my brain is so far away from running I didn't even get your reference at first. A running goal - yeah, like one that never gets accomplished... Oh no, wait. She means I should make running my goal. Right. The tights and all that. Thanks for keeping me on track lol! Huk huk.

pshepherd said...

Judy, Your video is great; you did a great job.

I love you, Mom

lfhpueblo said...

I'm not video capable right now.
I'll link onto your facebook link and check it out.
The fall colors are nice, I'm just now seeing a few leaves changing to yellow here, but not as high in elevation as the Royal Ranch where I live.
Your video is really nice. It's nice that you are doing your own things to help with your chronic pain issues.

Kathleen said...

You did a great vlog! I'm scared to vlog, since I hate both how I look and sound on camera. One of these days...

PS Just became a FB fan. Congrats on the page!