Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chivalry is not dead

Today is Homecoming in our quaint little town and I have written and bragged about it before so I won't go into all of the little details.  Just know that our little town really gets into it!  What I wanted to talk about today is our youth, and how very proud I am of them.  Yes, you read that right.  This is not another post about how the youth today is going to hell in a hand's about how we as parents are doing a few things right for a change.

My oldest son has a date for the dance, and that in itself is wonderful.  You see, he has very high standards in girls.  This one is not smart enough, and that one can't hold a conversation.  But it was how he asked the girl that was so impressive.  He came home the other day, in a very thoughtful mood.  And after some careful prodding, I found out it was because he was trying to figure out the wording...he painted the question on her car while she played the winning Homecoming Softball game!  (Don't worry Dad, I too made sure he had appropriate paint-ha!)  And by the way, she is still driving around town with it on her car...too cute!

Another one of the boys left his hopeful date a bouquet of flowers in her assigned parking spot at school to ask her for her hand at the dance.  Romance has been in the air all week at the high school, and it has had me smiling just hearing about it.  No texting, or facebooking, well yes, there is a lot of that, but it is just to find out who is wearing what and going with whom.  Not the important face to face interactions that really matter.  These kids know how to treat one another as humans, with respect and kindness.

Just Thursday, both of my boys got Husky tickets (the "reward" system at the High School for positive behavior) for opening the door for an elderly lady at the local gas station.  When my younger son came home simply amazed that you could get a Husky ticket outside of school, I said to him "Son, that is when your chivalry was all that more impressive.  No one was around like me and Dad, or teachers or anyone to tell you and Bubby what to do, and you still did the right thing!"  

I can't tell you how happy I was that there actually had been an on top of it staff person around.  Now all I have to do is wait for those Husky tickets to appear (each staff person signs them, and they will get mailed home when the boys redeem them), and thank the heck out of them!

So parents, quit reading all of those articles that say we are ruining our kids.  We are doing the best we can, and that is all we can do (well, just make sure you are doing that of course-ha!).  Technology is not killing them.  Chivalry is not dead.  Teach your kids respect and it will show up, I guarantee it.  

By the way, go Huskies!!!!  My boy Austin #52 plays today, I will have to be careful not to hurt myself I cheer so hard at his games, they are so exciting.  If you're a local, I'll be in the Dawg House the first half, stop by and say hello!


pshepherd said...

Great blog, Judy! I'm a very proud Grandma to those boys. Please take lots of pictures. I love you, Mom

A.C. Byrne said...

Love it! Thomas is a great kid, I always love how he always takes the time to talk to my four year old who thinks the world of him. This is why I am sure that they are a lot of characters in Colin's bedtime stories named Thomas

lfhpueblo said...

Great to have two more true Gentlemen in the world.

Daisy said...

Ah, romance. These examples are so classy. If these young people are our future, our world is in good hands.