Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Speaking of my daughter...

We are a house divided.  Some of us love sweets and desserts and some of us don't, but all of us love chocolate.  The husband and my sons, well, they could take it or leave it, but my daughter (almost 11) and I, let's just say, there are times when we absolutely adore the stuff.

It's funny, there is all kinds of stuff going around the blogging world about whether we have raised a gender biased group of kids.  And I don't really know about that, I've already come out of the closet and told you all how badly I tried for my little girl, but that was only after I had two perfectly healthy and wonderfully red-headed boys.

A mother's relationship with her son is almost indescribable.  To know that you have a part in raising one of the future men in the world really hits home, at least it did with me.  But boys love their moms differently than girls do, in my opinion.  And girls on the other hand, we have a bond that I don't think I could ever share with my boys, well, just because we are both girls.

I really tried to let the kids be just kids.  Well, actually that is not totally true.  I must admit that when my daughter wanted nothing to do with all of the pink frilly dresses we continued to provide her with, I was a tad disappointed, but she is the most beautiful tomboy you'll ever see.  And not too many girls I know can balance her way across a beaver dam on high heeled flip flops!

So recently when I read on Piligrimsteps about her gender experiment, it got me to thinking.  And that very same night, I was digging through my purse, with Isabella right by my side, of course; when I found a Snickers bar.  A few days before, I thought I was going to get caught in blasting traffic and bought it to keep me, er, busy...Well, the look on my girls face when she said "Oh, it's like a gift from heaven!"

Now that is just plain girly coming through.  My husband was standing right there and we both just busted out laughing, only a woman would say something like that!

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jana said...

That's a fascinating story to me because I actually don't care for chocolate. I can tolerate it in small amounts if it's super-dark hi-quality stuff, but I don't crave it. For a long time I wondered if that meant my hormones where out of whack since most women I know crave the stuff.

I do, however, also know several men who are crazy for chocolate, so I wonder how sex-specific this is?