Monday, September 21, 2009

Homecoming, Small Town USA

This weekend was homecoming in our quaint little town. It was kicked off Saturday morning with a parade, a massive community garage sale all day, and the football game in the afternoon. Of course, the teens were all smiles, excited for the big dance.

My son, Nathan, is in the Platte Canyon High School Marching Band (which is a big deal for an eight grader!) and this was his first year to march in the parade. I was a little disappointed about the attendance of the parade, but will do something about that! The football game was almost a shut out (they got 6 points, right before the buzzer!), and the boys did great, even with a lightening delay.

For the first time in a long time, I put mascara on. Knowing that we'd run into every person in town is half the fun of it! The Sheriff calls the game and the ambulances and fire trucks blare their enthusiasm of each touch down. The stands were packed with families huddling under blankies during the cold spells. The booster club had sold out of burgers by half time, great money coming into our schools, even the old folks grabbed a hot chocolate on such a crisp fall day.

I must say, the half time show was best, we have a superb marching band. Our young, enthusiastic band teacher has pulled together his marching band from nothing, and our little band has become quite impressive. Nathan plays quad toms and he too, is quite good. The kids stay excited about band because the band teacher picks great music and demands a tolerant learning environment. Even though it is early in the year, the kiddos did a great job!

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