Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Teens Go Green

Good Morning! I am so excited to tell you about this great website that I came across. Swaptree is a website that is built to help people trade all sorts of media, at no cost. Well, actually it costs under $3 for postage, but the service is free.

How it works is really quite amazing. We went onto the site, made an account in no time flat, and just filled in the items (games, movies and DVDs) that we already own, but would like to trade. Up pops a ton of items that we were eligible to trade for. They are even able to do three way trades, which opens it up for many more eligible items. A person can make a wish list too, items that you are hoping to trade for, and they will try and find it for you.

Before I did this review, I waited to make sure it was going to work the way they say it will, and to my surprise, it went better than expected. The kids had all sorts of games that they had already played through, so they were ecstatic at the chance to get new games for free (to a teen $3 is nothing-ha!). I've got to be honest, in this day and age I was really concerned about getting ripped off. The only gauge to go by is the rankings of other people who have made trades with that specific person. But, for such a great green idea, it was worth a shot.

Swaptree allows you to print a shipping label and pay for it out of your account at the end of each month. So, there is no chance of getting addresses wrong or whatever. Within four days of mailing out our first item, we started to receive the trades the kids had made. All items have been exactly as described and the children were happy as can be.

It's funny, my oldest son, Thomas, calls me a tree hugger and thinks that a lot of the things I do are a little far fetched, but ALL of my kids love this service! They have been so busy making trades that I have not had time to make any for myself, but I am planning on trading some Cd's and some workout videos that I no longer use. When I told Thomas that this is the ultimate form of recycling, I got a "Yeah mom, I know, but this is really cool recycling!", don't they just kill you?
Have a miracle of a day!

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It reminds me of! I love that service.