Saturday, September 5, 2009

Credit Card Companies- What's Up With That?

I must be a little goofy this morning, because I gave myself the biggest chuckle. As my business grows, my business needs are changing drastically. One of those needs is a credit card machine. Now-a-days, a company like myself, that does most of its business online, may not need an actual machine to process credit cards. There are all sorts of accounts to wade through, internet merchant, retail merchant and even just a phone merchant. The following is on a statement attached to every single one of these accounts:

Rates and fees may change without notice.

I think I'm going to start writing that on all of my bills; Payments and due dates may change without notice. I mean I just busted out laughing (yes, in my office all by myself!) when I pictured doing this. Really, can you imagine if we did this, treated them the way they legally have a right to treat us as consumers? It is a shame that it takes a person hours to dig through a bunch of mumbo jumbo to figure out how, not if, they are going to get ripped off!

Just an FYI, Costco seems to have the best prices for business services that I have come across. But, be careful of the different types of accounts, the advertised price is only for people who have a retail location and will be manually running the cards through. The prices get higher with online and phone services. Also, rewards credit cards are processed at a higher rate. You know, Rates and fees may change without notice LOL!!!

As I said, picturing this rebellious act was hysterical to me, so the next time you run along a statement that is this ridiculous, just turn it around-you'll feel much better after a good giggle!
Have a Miracle of a day!

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Anonymous said...

I won't forget your giggling while you watched Three's Company. I love you, Mom