Sunday, September 27, 2009

Royal Ranch Royalty

You know when Sunday rolls around and you think it is still Friday, you're weeks are a little hectic! I really didn't mean to delay on my weekly introduction to one of the animals here at the Royal Ranch. This week Thunderboy has really earned the honor as he has worked very hard this hunting season without one complaint. He really enjoys his hikes, which makes our hikes all that much more enjoyable!

Thunderboy is not exactly a rescue, more of a precious gift is what I would consider him. My very dear friend and mentor, Bobra Goldsmith gave him to me. Bobra is the lead gal when it comes to llamas and I was fortunate enough to meet her years ago when I was first researching llamas. She gives classes, has a llama equipment line that she has produced herself, and back in the day, she used to breed Champions. I started out with taking her llama training course, which was really funny because everyone else at the class brought their own llamas to train and I was aiming to train myself. Bobra, of course, was kind enough to loan me a llama to "play" with for the day!

Anyway, we became friends and stayed in touch over the years, so when she was boarding a packing llama that had sort of been abandoned, she knew where to send it! That was the great news, he was in wonderful condition when we got him, because of her wise care, I didn't have to bring him back to health. He was ready to go to work, and happily so! I think he's in just about every picture that includes llamas in this blog, because he just keeps going and going and going and going....

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