Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cat Free Zone

The other day I went to make my bed and found this! Yes, that's right, 4 cats sleeping in my Cat Free Zone!
I am a very firm believer in trying to set limits; I limit my caffeine, I limit my sugar, I even place all sorts of limits on my kids. So, the cats should be no different. Many years ago, when the cats started outnumbering the humans, I declared my bedroom a cat free zone. I think this makes the cats want in even more, because if the door is left open for a millisecond, this is what happens.
I am not exactly allergic to cats, but them sleeping on my pillows bothers me. I deal with animals all day long, I don't necessarily have to sleep with them and their dander (Gigi, a dog I inherited from my grandma, GG, is excused from this rule of course)! It seems perfectly acceptable to me, but Tom loves having a kitty to sleep with and the kitties love it right back!
No, we don't purposely try and get matching cats, they tend to find us!
Have a miracle of a day, and don't forget to stick to the limits you impose upon yourself and others-Ha!


Egare1 said...

I've learned the futility of battling cats for space - the only way we keep the street stray from taking over the house is by keeping her outside! When we took her in over the winter she very quickly claimed her space on our bed!

You have beautiful cats :)

aggie said...

My dad had 3 cats Spook, Chleo and Kid. When he would lay down to take a nap they would all three troop in and claim their spot with him. One on his chest, one by his feet and one wrapped around the top of his head. The four of them would sleep like that a couple of hours and then they were all ready to take on the rest of the day.

Amy Byrne said...

Supposedly our bedroom is considered a dog free zone because of David's allergies. However it is the same situation you describe. I love the picture.

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

I like the way one of them is looking at the camera like, "What?"

js22 said...

LOL, cats do the darndest things! That really is funny that FOUR of your cats just happened to notice the door was open and they could snooze on the bed!!

I always slept with my cats in my bed, but I do understand that not everyone is comfortable with that.