Wednesday, August 26, 2009

50% Off Sale of Naked~Nure

Good morning! I need to keep it short this morning as I am preparing my websites (a day late) for my big 50% off sale. The Royal Ranch feels so strongly about getting the word out on our great, green new product, Naked~Nure, we have decided to have an end of season blow out sale! We are in hopes that people will use our product to"put their garden's to rest with the very best"! One thing to keep in mind, is that Naked~Nure can also be used indoors, it is actually a year round product!!!

Large outdoor bags, made of burlap for a five gallon bucket are now just $11
Indoor use, with six individual "tea bags" are now just $6

Check out our great products on our Naked~Nure website!

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