Friday, August 14, 2009

Reusable Coffee Filters

Good Morning! I want to share one idea that I think is a great "green" idea, it may be a no brainer, but....This morning as I was making Tom's coffee (I get my caffeine from Coke, yes I know it's bad) and was appreciative of our reusable coffee filter. It is a metal and plastic basket that fits inside a coffee maker to replace paper filters. We have had ours for at least three years and have even been able to use it in a different coffee pot (I have a tendency to break the glass carafe) and it only cost me $4.99 (I checked and the price is still the same).
These are great because I just dump the grounds into my compost bin, rinse and return to the pot for the next day. If you don't compost, sprinkle the grounds around the base of your plants. If you have a fisherman/woman in the house, place your grounds under a damp rock and you will have a beautiful collection of worms!
These filters have really saved us a lot of time and money, it is very nice not having to try and separate those sheets when my eyes are not yet functioning! Now, you can use those filters for crafts; isn't that what they're great for?

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Kelly said...

Judy, I'm new to composting so I'd love it if you'd do one or more blogs on composting. What do you compost? What do you leave out? How long does it take? Any other tips?

Also, I once read a great tip for those coffee filters. When our little girls want a popsicle, we poke a little hole in a coffee filter and then put the popsicle stick through the hole. That way the coffee filter catches all of the drips and they don't end up on little hands or in your house.