Thursday, August 13, 2009

Made with American Pride in Bailey, CO

Well, I'm baaack!!! I am up and running again and am going to restart with a bang. If a person can't cover a somewhat controversial subject on a blog, then I think we're in even more trouble than I worried.
All of our (The Royal Ranch, that is) products include the phrase "Made with American Pride in Bailey, CO" and this has come from a long, strong commitment to better our good old USA by working in and buying American. Tom is an old school biker and has run a machine shop for over 22 years, so the made in America thing comes quite easily to him. I, on the other hand, am only a biker by marriage and it took a little more time to sink in. We very strongly believe that a lot of the economy problems that we are facing today as a country, is a direct result of consumers not buying from and supporting American made companies.
I really can't believe that our country invented the automobile and now our American made auto makers can't compete with those made over seas! And what about our small town farmers? They can no longer compete with the prices of imported goods. Then there are the small town stores, your local pharmacy or neighborhood gift shop can no longer afford to stay in business. Shop at Walmart, it's cheaper, I hear. I have not stepped into a Walmart in years and have absolutely no plan to. Cheaper is is cheaper does!
I do understand the concepts of import and export, but our country has forgotten to protect its most valuable resource, its workers and being in the lead when it comes to technology. I often hear the excuse that the new Toyota that so and so bought is made in America and therefore supporting our workers. This really angers me, if the foreign company can make it in the US, why can't we do it; better, faster and stronger? Toyota is still a foreign company, it is Japanese owned and the Japanese only will see the profits from these cars. How about the fact that we are paying to import children's toys full of lead from China? Lead in children can lead to cognitive problems for these same children that may not be noticeable for years. It seems to me that other countries have way too much control of our future, are they purposely trying to make our kids dumb? The dumb thing is that they don't even have to try; just to save a few bucks we are eagerly doing it to our own children!
I understand that it is sometimes difficult to find things made in the USA, but I have found a couple of good sites that you can go to and search for whatever product you are looking for.,, and are a great start to find companies that actually support our own economy. I think that if we as consumers make a stand and say that saving our country is much more important than saving a couple of cents, we will make huge strides towards being the leader of the world, again!!!

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