Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Over Coffee: Neogreene Laptop Sleeve from GreenSmart: Review and Giveaway

Good Morning! I bet you thought I was lost! Well in a way I am, my computer is down and it has me at an absolute loss. I have always been one of those people that said I would never fully depend on technology, we all know it's not fool proof.
Which has me wondering why I can't function without the laptop I purchased for my business four months ago. I have of course all of my e-mail, a lot of my pics, but worse yet, I have the calendar for the B&B on it! I am blessed in the fact that this is just an adapter problem and that the company is standing behind their product. It will take a minimum of 3 days to get the part though. I was able to retrieve what I needed before the battery went totally out, but it really got me thinking.
Although technology is a wonderful thing, I think we should all keep a few things in mind and be prepared "just in case".
1. Always know how to work your web mail. Many of us have redirected our e-mail through our websites, which means that we don't often use the passwords of our original e-mail company.
2. Keep photos stored in at least two locations. Copy them onto a CD or use a group like Snapfish.
3. In light of this, I am sill going to use a good old fashioned planner with at least the guests names and dates, and phone numbers for The Royal Roost. If worse comes to worse, I could always still get a hold of them for the rest of the info.
4. If you are in business for yourself, it is imperative to have access to an alternative computer to retrieve e-mails and incoming orders!
As I mentioned this is just a power cord issue, but I also found out that I have a small screen crack that will slowly grow larger until the screen, or most of it, is black. These points bring up the fact that I bought this laptop for business and of course gave into the kids' pleas to use it. The kids' games make my computer get very hot and also cause the cord to get hot, heat is what the "experts" say fried my cord. They told me that the adaptors should never be placed on carpet, preferably a hardwood surface. I also think I will go back to sticking to my guns and have a business only computer.
Protecting our computers from this sort of wear and tear is the simplest way to help your computer perform better and live longer. For instance, my screen scratch was probably caused by a slight blow to the top of my laptop and if the cord had been better cared for I wouldn't be in this predicament! So, I thought it was really ironic when I read my friends blog entry for yesterday, and it was about a company that makes great protective sleeves for our computers out of recycled plastic bottles! Now this is right up my alley! She has done a review of one of the sleeves and is sponsoring a giveaway for one of the cool bags at her blog, Over Coffee: Neogreene Laptop Sleeve from GreenSmart: Review and Giveaway.
It is really amazing to me that they can take the plastic bottles and turn them into fabric! See, technology can be amazing!

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Over Coffee - the green edition said...

Thanks for the shout-out Judy! I truly love this company.
Glad to hear that your laptop prob is fixable. A while back our backup drive (which happened to contain all the pictures of my daughter’s first year of life) died and we were unable to retrieve the pictures. Lucky my family and friends had saved a few and we were able to print a few. I will keep my fingers crossed for you for the giveaway ;-)