Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Following" The Royal Ranch

I feel very blessed about the great feedback I get from this blog. I started it as a way to build my business, and help get my children's book published, but it has turned into much more than that. It has been a wonderful way to stay in touch with the people I love, but rarely get to visit with. My blog has also been a form of therapy and reward, it is visible proof of what I am accomplishing and how I am able to touch my readers.
I had to laugh at myself and my very American ways when I got this note from my German exchange sister Irina:
Judy, the first day I read in your blog was when you posted the German rooster’s language. I was so touched! How fun and how sweet of you! I LOVE reading about your daily life and am amazed about the eco-awareness and the many advices you can give!You will understand that I had to smile about the idea of using the extra spinning cycle of your washer before using the dryer to save energy. You probably know that we don’t have a dryer but use mother air to dry clothes (your Mom loved the clothes rack we have). We sometimes use the extra spinning cycle so they dry faster. When it was really sunny and dry out the other day I “scolded” Matthias for wasting energy for the extra spinning; we have this running gag of threatening the other one with building a nuclear plant just for his/her energy needs… I also fully understand that the mass of dirty clothes of a 5 person household is a different story from what we have!! – I am also amazed that you make scheisse into gold!

I was so excited to hear that Irina had been reading my blog, I think my Dad had something to do with that!! It was so rewarding to know that Irina was keeping up with the family and learning about things we do, but it sure is funny that my "being green" is rather extravagant to her!
This blog has also been a great source of self confidence, I never realized how my writing can tell a side to the story that no one had heard, but everyone can appreciate; or that everyone has heard but I can shed a different light on. It has enabled us all to look at things from a different angle, maybe one we had not thought of before. But I think one of the best rewards is being able to show people who I am, in a way I choose-Ha!
So...with that said, I would love to ask for you to "Follow" my blog, and tell your friends, as well. You see, the more followers I get, the higher I will get in the search engines. That means that all of this wonderful information is available for more people to read. We wouldn't want to deprive them of that would we? LOL!
Seriously though, if you like what you read, click on become a Follower, you can also get my spectacular stories sent right to your e-mail box if you subscribe!
Have a miracle of a day!

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