Friday, August 7, 2009

The Price is Right...The Recovery

Good Morning! Well, this sure was a neat experience, but I have really needed some recovery time!!! I got up at 2:30 to be to Central City by 5 (it would've worked if it weren't for that pesky police officer!) with hopes of being toward the front of the line. Two and a half hours later, the second person in line showed up-HA! I knew I was a huge fan, but now I think I might be a little nutty, okay, I know I'm a little nutty!
The other nuts in line were so wonderful! It isn't all that often that this mountain hillbilly gets out, especially to something this big. I think the most special part is that we were all there for one reason, and we all knew we had something in common, our love of the 38 year old game show! I even made a few business connections!
The tryouts were scheduled to start at noon, with the local news station to show up at 10:00. With my being first, I was able to sit at the bar and work on my computer until about 10 when the crowd really started filling in and getting very excited. I was interviewed by two of the local newscasters (again, a real big deal for me) and they loved my name!
The group was very mixed, more men than I thought, lots of older ladies, but mostly just crazy fans like me. You can't imagine some of the reasons people want to be on TV. Some were bringing sisters that had deadly breast cancer (along with the rest of her family), one gal was doing it in memory of her beloved sister that had died of Lupus, which she herself suffers from terribly. The gentleman behind me had not missed an episode in 38 years! All of this made me feel a little less deserving of my spot on contestant's row, but none of them had stood in line for 2.5 hours by themselves!
It wasn't until right before they started that I found out I would have 30 seconds in front of the camera to state why I wanted to be on The Price is Right. Needless to say, this was very nerve wracking as I had to do it in front of all of the other hopefuls as well. Being first didn't seem so great right then. I got a cool TPIR t-shirt for being first (I don't think it's worth $155, the cost of my speeding ticket, but to me it is priceless) and a sticker with my 001 on it and was shuffled towards the cameras. I warmed up pretty quickly and am hoping my name alone gets me a trip to LA!
I don't even know when I'll find out, but I'll let you know when I do. Be sending positive pricing thoughts my way!!!

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