Friday, January 8, 2010

DOE: Doing Their Jobs

Good Morning!  I have become a real cynic when it comes to branches of the government, and how they do their jobs; so I was really excited to read this article at Earth911.  It appears that some of the refrigerator makers are not quite as "green" as they have claimed to be, and they have been stripped of their Energy Star status.  Now, that in itself is not good news, but the fact the the Department of Energy is staying on top of it and not letting the Energy Star "label" become just another marketing scam made me very happy.
According to Earth911 the Energy Star label is growing by leaps and bounds with both consumers and manufacturers.  "The ENERGY STAR label informs consumers of the most energy efficient products in a particular product category. According to the DOE, ensuring that the labels are applied only to products that deliver on the promised energy and cost savings creates “an even playing field in the marketplace and reduces pollution.” says Jennifer Barry of Earth911.
Until now, the Energy Star label was mostly just to help a consumer decide which product will save them the most money and electricity, as well as being as earth friendly as possible; but starting in March many states will have tax rebates as incentive programs.  Once again Earth911 came to my rescue with a great map that you can just click on your state and it will tell you which appliances qualify in your state!  You can find that map here.
I am pretty excited, because my washer and dryer are both on their very last legs and as of March these appliances will be on the list for Colorado.  Now, if I can just get them to last until then...

Have a miracle of a day!

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lfhpueblo said...

I just hope everything we've purchased in the past three years that had the energy star ratings on them are actually energy star worthy. I mean the water heater, the central air, the washer/dryer and the refrigerator. I just hope we were duped.