Saturday, January 9, 2010

Building an empire, with a broken back!

Indian Paintbrush

Good Morning!  I must be getting my sense of humor back.  Yesterday Tom was complaining about having to cut firewood and my response was that he was doing nothing, I had been building us an empire all the while with a broken back.  I don't know if the two of us have laughed that hard in a long time!

Dried Indian Paintbrush
Seriously though, it has made me take a look at how I do things around here, and how I will need to do things for the next few months, no matter which course of treatment I choose to go with.  Now that I know there is a nerve problem, I need to take it seriously and try to take care of it.  I am already asking for more help with the chores (I say this as we head out to pick up six chickens that need a new home!), but I have also tried to rearrange my days a bit; especially as far as my business goes. 

Box of mixed wildflower seeds and pods

Actually, there are a lot of things that need tending to for my businesses to grow and I would love to start on my next children's book so I will just whittle down my to do list.  For instance, last summer I collected wildflower seeds for an idea I have for my gardening line to expand this spring.  Yesterday I took the opportunity to get to work on those.  I would sit for a half hour and hand process seeds, stand for a half  hour and do dishes or prepare dinner, and go back to the seeds for a little bit.  To pop open the seed pod and to see the seeds perfectly  waiting in a row to be harvested was a reminder of what a wondrous thing Mother Nature really is.  So, even when I have to slow down a bit, I am blessed to have jobs that remind me of what a miracle this world is to live in.  The point is, I can keep myself active and occupied, continue to keep my businesses moving forward, and not feel like I am losing touch with things.  Like I said, I can still build my empire even with a broken back-ha!!!

Hand processed wildflower seeds

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