Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ecopreneur vs. Enviropreneur

Good morning!  You know how one thing tends to always lead to another?  Well, that is exactly what happened to me this morning when I decided to do a little research for today's post.  I have been feeling a little guilty about my environmentally friendly side.  Ever since I found out about the removal of all of my recycling centers, it sort of let the air out of my "green"balloon.  I must confess, I haven't even been as careful about unplugging my computer because it all seems like such a hassle and that sometimes I am the only person that really gives a hoot.  Well, we know that's not true, so as usual I decided to use this blog to keep myself focused, or my eyes on the prize so to speak.
Since I had spoken negatively about Yahoo groups, I decided to go back there (and give it a second try) to look for some environmentally friendly groups and some input for today's post.  Nothing really caught my eye (I don't think I have the hang of searching through the huge array available yet) so I decided to google Ecopreneur, which is what I call myself.  Don't ask me where I got the name, I just really liked it; and it is exactly what I am, an entrepreneur that is eco-conscious.  All of my businesses are based on some sort of environmentally friendly concept, so it couldn't be more fitting right?  Well, if it weren't a registered trademark it couldn't, that is!
I did find some very rewarding words as to what it is I'm trying to accomplish though at WiseGeek:
Many people believe that an ecologically-focused entrepreneur represents the best of the business world, finding a way to support him or herself while also helping the environment. The success of green businesses has also provided a workable economic model for preserving the environment, proving that it is economically sensible, sound, and profitable to care about the environment. An ecologically-focused entrepreneur who fills a unique niche like the need for biodegradable packaging can set the bar for future companies in the industry, showing companies how they can develop ecologically friendly factories and business practices.
I also thought the questions from Ecopreneurist to ask your self to see if you might fit the bill of an ecopreneur (they must not know about the trademark either-ha!) were great:
◦Are you more interested in what you do and with whom you work than how much you make?

◦Does community, environmental and social issues drive what you focus on with respect to your livelihood or volunteer time?

◦Do you view your experiences, growing and diverse knowledge base and unique skills sets as the primary value you can offer clients, customers or workplace?

◦Do you think the late Nobel Laureate economist Milton Friedman ate too many Big Macs after he argued — much to the chagrin of the massive multinational corporations and millionaire politicians — that “the only social responsibility of business is to make profits”?
◦Do you focus your life pursuits on helping others or restoring, enhancing or preserving the environment?

◦Are you more concerned about achieving balance in your life, seeking quality of life that doesn’t adversely impact the Earth or exploit people?

◦Do you readily try new ideas, explore new ways of doing things or adopt new practices or use new products or services that reflect your values?

◦Are you mindfully aware of your direct and indirect impacts on life on Earth, and accept responsibility that results in you being actively engaged as a steward of limited resources for the benefit of all life, not just for the present generations but for future generations as well?

◦Is work a reflection of your passions and values, deeply fulfilling and providing meaning and purpose, or merely only the focus for paying the bills, building personal wealth and funding your retirement?
So, Enviropreneur it is.  Oops hold on a second, I better go google that too, I'll be right back.  Whew, that just came back with what I would have expected, no trademarks-ha!!!  Although I didn't save you thousands on your energy bill today, or figure out the problem of global warming; I may have saved us all (okay, just me) from a needless lawsuit!
Make a miracle today!


Daisy said...

Quick! Trademark it for Royal Ranch or Naked Nure!

bobby said...

the term enviropreneur is indeed a trademark of the Property & Environmental Research Center in Bozeman, MT. See www.perc.org and
www.enviropreneurs.org for more information. thanks, bobby