Monday, January 4, 2010

Metaphysical Monday

Good Morning!  Wow!  I have figured out why this is such a touchy subject!  I recently e-mailed a friend who is very active in many homeschooling networks to ask her how to get my foot in the door with local homeschoolers for my author visits for Llucky Llama.  She gave me a great link to a group on Yahoo.  I am probably only behind the times by a decade or so, but this was my first adventure into Yahoo groups.  It was really quite impressive, so I thought I'd type in the word Metaphysical and see what came up.  I was shocked when there was 1,134 groups that were labeled with this word.
Shocked and dismayed I might add.  While many of them looked pretty good at first glance, when I went to read the description they were really oddball sounding.  Some of them I couldn't even pronounce the names of so I just skipped right over most of those.  I did click on one (it was even called Spiritual Growth!), and that is when I got really concerned.  The only links that I saw were questions like "If you weren't brainwashed before the age of ten, why would you believe in God?", and in defense of many of the answers (at least as many as I could stomach) were things like "I came to the lord as an adult".
Come on people, really?  There are people, like myself, out there searching for answers to unexplained questions and this is what they find?  While my belief in God is very strong, so is my belief that odd things happen to very "normal", god loving people.  I also firmly believe that God has a hand in everything, including the odd things that are being talked about on those same sites!  No wonder people shy away from this subject, and no wonder I have been a little afraid of it myself.
Well, I guess I accomplished one thing, and that was my resolve to keep trying to find some connections.  Connections with people in the same boat as I am, and connections with my "abilities" and why God gave them to me.  Unless you read it here on my blog, don't believe a word you read-ha!!!
Make a miracle today!

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