Saturday, January 2, 2010

Playing the "disability" card

Good Morning!  I had to laugh at myself this morning.  I am so stubborn that I don't even know when I am fooling myself.  You see, I have really had a hard time lately with my "Author Bio & Publicity Package".  I can write a daily blog, and I can write a children's book, but when it comes to writing about me I came to a dead standstill.  As a matter of fact, the bio that will be included in the book is written by my friend and designer Vivian Rosso.
Well, by the time the book comes out I need to have my website up and running.  Which means I need to have all of my publicity stuff ready to go.  I also plan on having things on the website to prepare people for their author visits; like llama activities and fun facts.  I have decided that I will have a number of different presentations for schools/organizations to choose from so that people will not only get exposed to my book, but my way of life as well.  Whether that be a connection with rescuing animals, respecting mother earth or a love of reading and writing, who knows?
I've realized over the last few days that part of my problem started when I wanted to focus on special needs groups and my connections with them.  Which brings up the fact that I am special needs.  What?  I am not!!!  That is what the very stubborn part of me continues to shout, but the facts are what they are.  I caught myself asking myself "do you really want to play the disability card?", and had to think, what the hell does that mean?  It is not as if I plan on using my epilepsy to gain fame and fortune, it is a way of connecting with others with special needs and sharing the things that I have come to love so dearly.  Many of whom are special needs themselves!
And since when did the word special start to have a negative tone?  Oh yeah, only when I'm talking about myself!  I may have to take special precautions and medications, but I also have special talents to share and want to bring out the love and passion of those things in others.  So, I will talk just a tiny bit on my new authors website about my disability and I will do it with pride (gulp!) because I would never want any of my visiting groups to think I thought any less of them!!!
Oh, and by the way, (thank you very much!) writing this post today helped me work through something else.  I have been a little concerned about certain groups not being able to pay for an author visit, whether it be a ranch visit or one to their location; and as I typed I have decided that Royal Ranch Publishing, LLC will have a few grants each year for deserving recipients.  Another question I need to put on the list for the bookkeeper!
Make a miracle today!

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Daisy said...

I find that difficult, too. I am hearing impaired, but that's not the sum total of who I am, and it rarely makes print in my blog.