Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's all a cover up!

Oh come on, folks, you know me by now!  It's just a play on words, today I don't have much time to post as I am rushing around getting ready for a meeting with my book designer for the cover layout.  Boy, doesn't that sound fancy!  Not everyone has to know that it is my dear friend Vivian and the meeting is at her kitchen table, but we are doing the cover layout!
I was very careful when I chose to work with a friend; as a matter of fact I even broke a rule of ours.  We don't usually do business with friends or family.  Gets a little tricky.  But Vivian is the best in the business, and I always keep my business local anyway so this worked out great!
I have my ISBN's in hand, the book has been patiently waiting in the background, now all we need is to finalize the cover and download to the printer!  I'm off and running, literally!


Daisy said...

Covers are good; it's the conspiracies you have to avoid! :)

lfhpueblo said...


Beautiful Columbines, clovers, leaves, pine needles and vine,
cover the rich brown earth at Royal Ranch beautifully and fine.
Vivian my friendly local associate and me,
at the kitchen table are covering the new business aspects from A to C.
Then I'm off and running again, literally!
Royal Ranch is no longer under the
snow's cover of white,
and the time for the new business venture is just right.
Now it's time to go give the lambs a little bite.

Khrys said...

I hope things went off without a hitch! I am getting excited about this book of yours. Must be great to have something you have spent energy crafting come to this point. Wishing you luck! -Khrys