Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Deviled Eggs

When I was growing up my Grandma was always in charge of bringing the deviled eggs to all of the family parties, and they were the best deviled eggs you have ever tasted!  One of the things that she used to do to prepare for this big egg making event was to buy her eggs well in advance, her belief was that the fresher the eggs, the harder they would be to peel.  Now, whether this is a wives tale or not, I do not know; but it has had me quaking in my shoes since I have what I would consider the world's freshest eggs.  Directly out of the chicken.
Up until Easter Sunday, it really hadn't mattered how the eggs had peeled, it was just my family eating them, and if quite a bit of the white came off, no biggy, just feed it right back to the chickens for a strong healthy egg the next go 'round.  But for deviled eggs, for company no less, I really wanted them to peel nicely.  So, I hard boiled them, cooled them, and then cracked them all in the pan of water and then let them soak over night so as to let the water seep in between the egg and the shell.  If your pan has any aluminum showing, please use a different container to store the eggs in the fridge (in water) overnight, we don't want aluminum to leak into your wonderful eggs!
 Notice I'm using my non paper towels from my friend Tiffanys Etsy shop

In the morning I was really quite pleased, I still had quite a few eggs, probably the majority, that did not come out perfectly, but it went much more smoothly than I had anticipated!  You have to keep in mind when you get frustrated that the whites are the bottom of your deviled eggs, and that no one really sees that part after you decorate them anyway.  I had two trays that I planned on serving at the party and one for "Yucky's" as Isabella and I called them and it really took the pressure off when peeling and cutting them in half to have that extra tray to put the not so perfect ones; and believe me, they got eaten just as quickly!  
Okay, enough of the peeling secrets and on to the recipe, which as usual is not really a recipe because it depends on how many eggs you're making and what your tastes are.  But here is a list of my ingredients:

Eggs (duh)
relish (Grandma always used vinegar in hers, I think relish takes the place of that)
yellow mustard
spicy mustard
salt and pepper
chili pepper for garnishing top
We just put all of the yolks into a bowl as we were halving the eggs and the whites into the trays.  Mix all of the devilish ingredients to the right consistency and taste, meaning that you have to snitch here and there of course, and put it all into a baggy.  A funny side note here, Isabella, shocked, looked at me and said "We get to use a new bag, Mommy?"  Poor girl, traumatized by a cheap, tree hugging, mother!

Anywho, snip the corner off of your brand new baggy and fill your awaiting vessels, top with a sprinkle of the chili pepper, it's okay to get a little on your beautiful serving tray, no one will notice!  Grandma used to go to all of the trouble to make them all and then transfer each and every one of them, but not me, takes too much time!  Share with your loved ones and enjoy the fruits of your labor, and hopefully not so much labor!

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Daisy said...

I use the same trick - the ziplock bag with a corner cut off! Deviled eggs are so delicious! Mine use a little mayo, mustard, and maybe paprika sprinkled on top.