Sunday, April 18, 2010

A New Look

Good Morning All!  I didn't want you to freak out!  I have been wanting a bit more of a polished look for my blog, and I think I have achieved it!  I did not like the look of all of the negative space that was on the page before and also this template puts a frame around my photos.
Also, I did a post for yesterday, I am just behind in getting some pics taken.  I will catch up today and post it, it is a good one!  Again, I just didn't want you to jump on and think someone had hi-jacked me-ha!!!

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Jim and Pat Shepherd said...

Good morning Judy. It will be interesting to see how folks like the new format.

Blogspot uses a "floating" width when you choose this format. That means that the page spreads out to the screen width of the computer/monitor. That is good, as it does not require the reader to move a scroll button to see the whole page.

However, on a wide screen monitor, it really makes the sentences long and harder to read. I compared my wide screen to moms "normal" screen and it is much easier to read on hers.

There is a ton of debate among web authors about how to format the presentation. Most have gone to a fixed width that will fit on most any screen (~~720 pixels). That is what your previous format was. I find it much easier to read the short sentences on that format.

Probably just a personal preference.

Love, Dad