Thursday, April 15, 2010

Working with the Commissioners

Tuesday was my big meeting with the Commissioners.  I was locked and loaded.  I even had handouts for all of the attendees, which there were ten of, including myself.  Two of my immediate neighbors had been calling almost as much as I had been, with not quite as much luck getting calls back, so I had told the Commissioner that I would be inviting them.  But, the news got out, and the group grew over the weekend, so I was getting a little nervous.  
That is when I knew I needed to be very prepared to take charge of the meeting and not let a lynch mob mentality take over the crowd.  Not only are these people mad about the trees, but years of neglect to our roads that have huge potholes (if you recall that is what prompted me to write a letter in the first place), and many residents have very bad drainage issues due to Road and Bridge problems as well.  So, I took some pictures and made my handout, attached pertinent e-mails, highlighted the most important info, etc.; mostly just to make sure to keep things on track.
 Thankfully, no one was lynched.  Obviously, it is too late for my trees, but I have stopped them for cutting anymore.  It was a mistake; at some point in time, who knows when, they are going to be coming through here to put in drainage ditches, so that if our road ever does get the potholes fixed properly, they will stay that way.  Yes, the trees were cut way too far off the road, and yes they are sorry, and yes they should have told us first, and yes they are changing it right now.  Hope that's not all because it's an election year....
Ironically, this picture is taken in front of my one remaining pine tree in the front of my house.  Look at the tiny little, lonely thing!


Daisy said...

Tiny little lonely tree indeed! I hope the county dept. gets its collective act together.

lfhpueblo said...

Hope the aren't giving you the
'It's An Election Year,
So We'll Tell You What You Want to Hear,
But Never Fear,
When Election Time Is Over Dear,
We Are So Outta Here,
Because All We Wanted Was Your Cheer,
And A Congratulations Beer,
So We'll Give All Your Need And Wants An Adios Amigo's Cheer,
As We Kick You In The Rear,
And Watch You Trickle Down Your Unbelieving What You've Seen Here Tears.

Anyways, I hope they aren't like that, but with politicians one never knows until the election is over. I'll hope for the best for your community though.

Amy Byrne said...

Sorry we missed this. Let us know if we can help at all. It's a bit desolate looking without the trees down there. I remember that day they were cutting them because Grendel was going beserk. I should have let her go down there and sort it out with them. It definitely would have part a temporary stop to their project.