Monday, April 5, 2010

It's All About Family

I have to tell you, although we don't celebrate Easter in the traditional sense by going to church, I had a wonderful day.  I mentioned in my post yesterday that I was having my family up and that I might add some pictures, but the day was truly worth its very own post.  With our families getting older and our schedules being so hectic we will take any opportunity to get together that we can get, and Easter Sunday is one tradition that we will not let go of, no matter what our religious preferences are; and they do vary even within our own family.
We were truly blessed to get my Grandpa, and as you can imagine that is a real coup.  My Mom has a brother who has a son and a daughter, and a sister who has two daughters each with families of their own; so my Grandpa has more than enough invitations for holidays now that our family has grown so large that we can no longer celebrate them as one large group.  My Mom's family is from Iowa, if you remember, so I always really enjoy getting my Grandpa up here and showing off my little ranch to him and asking him questions about his old farming days.  Thomas, my oldest son, really thinks Great Grandpa Spring is something, so to watch the two of them interact almost always brings tears to my eyes...

I also got a very precious gift from my sister Kelly.  She has received her fist copies of her book for teachers "Making the First Six Weeks a Success".  Kelly Bergman was a teacher for years, and then an administrator, and now while she is raising her girls she is teaching teachers how to become better teachers!  The gift to me and my family was not only a copy of this great book which I plan to share with some very lucky teachers, but a dedication in the book to me and my children as well.  Talk about bringing tears to your eyes... the whole room was tearing up (we all shared in the love, of course)!
Anywho, the company was fantastic, the food was great, and the kids all had a wonderful time.  See all the pics as proof. 
We even got to see my nephew's science fair experiment!


Jim and Pat Shepherd said...

Wow, what a post!

As I have mentioned in our blog, this has been a tough 8 months in our life. However, when I read this, it all went away!

We are so lucky to have a loving family (three great daughters and their families including 8 special grandkids).

You really captured the spirit of the day and of our family.

I Love you!

Daisy said...

What a wonderful day!

lfhpueblo said...

Great pictures. Looked like it was a wonderful Easter. I'm glad you got to spend it with family.
Very happy for you and your family that you all were dedicated in the new teaching book too. That would have made my eyes tear up too, I mean if something similar had happened to me. Sounds like all your family really gets along well and that's the best kind of family to have.