Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can crazy=bliss, Oh yeah!!!

Wow!  Yesterday I got a comment that left me speechless, and let me tell you that is pert near impossible to do.  So, I have decided to use it as part of my post today.  It is funny, I know absolutely nothing about this person, when I showed this comment to Tom (who was floored as well) he asked me who it was, man or woman?  Do I know where he/she lives?  The answer to all of that is NO.  I looked at what I believe to be her profile and  could only gather that she may be female just from the blogs she reads.  But, you know what?  That doesn't really matter.  What matters is that this person really "gets me".  So, thank you ifhpueblo, from the bottom of my heart:
A Day In The Life Of The Mom At Royal Ranch.
The dog's on the school bus,
Bella's face is red,
while two roosters are in a fuss,
and two hungry screaming sheep could wake the dead,
chickens stacked up pyramid style,
Crash "ramming" his head for awhile,
but what makes this Royal Ranch Mom smile?
A precious lamb on my back.
In my crazy, busy life nothing strange do I lack.

I have read that poem about ten times by now and I still smile and tear up a bit each time.  Not only do I not lack any craziness in my life, but I feel blessed in general, which is why I blog.  It is important for me to share this crazy place with all of you, and the adventures we go through in life to keep these critters and kids and customers and family and... happy!  The best thing of all, is that I must be getting my point across!!!
Yesterday in my post, I had mentioned getting ready for our Spring Break guests at The Royal Roost, and had promised you all a picture.  Well, since we are talking about crazy adventures, the timing is perfect.  Our guests arrived right on time, surprisingly.  Tom had unexpectedly gotten the day off after driving the fifty miles to work because his shop had no power, and was still up plowing the road.  I knew that this was not a good sign for me.  I passed him coming down when I was on my way up and all he could do was wish me luck, again, not a good sign.
As soon as I turned the corner onto our private road I knew I was in for it!  The road looks like it is meant for a four wheeler.  And, of course we drive American made trucks, nice and wide.  Keep in mind, that my guests are behind me in their vehicle this whole time.  The day before it was funny, when I had my dog Gigi with me to laugh with, but when I have customers behind me, it's just downright nerve wracking!  So, I get pulled off  track a couple of times, back out, no biggy; but this is not the bad area.  We get to the gate, and my guests are not having a heart attack, so I give them a few instructions for the tricky part of the road, and start praying.
As I'm headed up the hill to the part of the road that Tom and I have dubbed "The Trough" I gulp down my nerves, and hit the gas!  Even after I hit a huge stump, I had to just keep on keepin' on.  Thankfully, the stump was old and exploded into a million pieces, flying over the hood of Tom's truck!  I got stuck again, backed up, and took off again; all the while hoping that I hadn't damaged Tom's beloved truck.  I was making a lot of progress, but had decided that since our guests were in an import which was much narrower, I would back down and hop in with them to take them up and check them in and just walk back down.  Well, that is when I got really stuck.  And, who do I see in my rear view mirror?  You guessed it... Tom!
I was absolutely mortified.  See, Tom brags to all of his buddies about what a "hard ass" I am when it comes to driving.  I can drive my "big rig" just about anywhere, and I can get our trucks up that cabin road just about anytime, but here he catches me stuck and just having obliterated a stump with customers behind me!  The worst part of it was, was that he was able to get the truck out and get past the place that I had been slowly making tracks through!  I told him I had just needed one more try!  Like loosening the lid on a jar for someone-ha! 
We got our guests to The Royal Roost, and thankfully they were laughing and calling it an adventure, they too, "got it"; they understand what a spectacular place this is.  They absolutely adored the cabin and were looking forward to holing up for a few days and enjoying their Spring Break.  Tom's truck was no worse for the wear, and as you can see, I got my pictures.  I did have to do quite a bit of hiking to get them though, because if you stop in "the trough", you can't even open your doors!  I've got happy guests, a happy husband, and of course I'm grinning ear to ear- the husband thinks it's his fault for getting off track in that area with the plow truck!  I'm still a bad ass!

Me again, after I posted this I checked my e-mail and got one from my oh so cute husband and I am pasting it here, now you know what I mean:


Daisy said...

Email from husbands - priceless!

lfhpueblo said...

I don't have alot of info on my facebook page or on my Google Friends account because I had a scare with a kinda online stalker awhile back. I thought it was best not to have alot of info there in case that person came back and was looking for more stuff on me.
Yep, I'm female. My hair is starting to get gray, but I don't want to give my age. It's that vain fickle female in me I guess.
Though I live in Colorado, it is in what I refer to as the Desert of Colorado. I don't live in the mountains, but I can see the pretty side of Pikes Peak from where I live.
I live on a block with many houses around me, I don't even own a quarter of an acre.
I like your site because you kind of remind me of my sister in law who also lives in a mountain area of Colorado. They have some land and just recently built another house themselves on it. The new one is on a lower altitude and easier to get to, instead of driving up a crazy mountain road like you have to do in winter. She actually slide and went into a tree one year trying to get up that mountain road in winter. She used to have a ton of animals and even a bee farm. Yet, after a serious vehicle accident coming home from work as an RN that left her in a coma for several months and some mental decline and vision problems after, she and her husband sold the bees, and gave away most of the animals.
She's doing okay, but no longer works. So they live on her husband's salary.
Anyways, the way you love animals reminds me of my sister in law.
Your metaphysical ideas reminds me sorta of her. I'm a Christian and don't go into the metaphysical stuff, but I do know I get very strong feelings or even have dreams that come true often.
I kinda like to challenge myself and see if I can come up with poems about pictures on blogs or the content in the blog post itself.
I'm a stay at home housewife. I relate to people who are in chronic pain, as I am from an unknown neurological condition.
I actually think I have it narrowed down to a possibility of two conditions, but my docs won't test me for them.
I love my husband who's in law enforcement and is alot older than me. I have two great dogs, both male. One is a Belgium Malinois (pronounced Malinwa, think German Shepard on Crack and you kinda have an idea what a Belgium Malinois is) and the other is a little black min pin.
My step-son who I raised for over half of his life is now in the Navy.
Well, your life does not sound boring and is interesting. You are courageous to do everything you do, even when you have physical pain.
I wish you and your husband only success in all your business ventures and your daily lives.