Sunday, March 14, 2010

Royal Ranch Royalty

Gee, I'm having a hard time deciding on who should be Royal Ranch Royalty today, hmmm....  I know maybe it should be the babies that were being born while I was busy typing up last week's Royal Ranch Royalty!  I only missed them by minutes!!!!  Yes, I know I have mentioned them multiple times in this blog, but the lambs are so damn cute that they absolutely deserve to be Royalty!  So, without further ado,  The Royal Ranch could not be prouder to introduce our first ever offspring  Princess Snowball and Crash Veto!!!  The were born March 7, 2010 at about 8 am, exactly one week ago today. and it has been a very busy week.

I won't take your time today and tell you the original story of the day of their birth since I have already done so here.  But, I will tell you that this has been an absolutely wondrous week for me.  I also won't insult all of the Grandparents that read this blog and say it is like being a Grandma, but I sure feel like one, all of the joys of getting to watch these babies, without having to actually raise them!  Last night we went to a birthday party for my nephew and I was almost fit to be tied that I was going to miss out on my evening chores; Tom was not able to go to the party because I made sure to leave him with very explicit instructions on how to take care of Esther and her twins!
I have been shocked at the progress these two have made.  I think that farm animals is where the saying growing in leaps and bounds came from.  Within twelve hours of the twins being born they were chewing at straw and hay, and within about five days they were chewing on the hay!  They were born with their teeth, and thank goodness for mama they are ruminants which means that they only have bottom teeth.  By Friday the little dickens thought it was so funny to go under the temporary fencing that we had them in that they were giving their poor mom a heart attack, so we got that fixed yesterday!
Lambs do not run, they either jump or run sideways.  Even the big bad biker husband of mine can't wipe the grin off of his face when he is up at the barn, they are just hysterical to watch.  Crash is living up to his name. and has no fear, and because we have had so much snow since they were born everything is so slippery that he just slides right into things and then hops up like "I meant to do that"!  His much daintier sister is still quite active and mischievous, but not quite as aggressive as her brother.
Rightfully so, we have had visitors all week; we even had people stopping by to take pictures when we were not home.  Isabella was a little disappointed when she called her friend to invite her down to see the lambs, and her friend said, yeah, she had already heard about the babies at church that morning.  That was the same morning they were born!  I told you good news travels fast in small town Bailey!  So, if you live anywhere near by, and have been too shy to ask, come on by, we are glad to show them off!  By the way, this video and these pictures were taken this morning so you would have a fresh perspective.  The lambs were quite calm, I'm wondering if it is the impending storm we have coming in.  I will get another video of them playing soon!


Daisy said...

Love the video! When our rabbits do the "jump sideways" trick, we call it happy dancing.

lfhpueblo said...

Precious babies. Love the video.
They are so darn cute.

Mishaun Search said...

Congratulations to you all on the beautiful new babies! They are so precious.