Monday, March 22, 2010

Why I can't blog today...

I hate to do it to you, you deserve so much better.  I mean come on, poems as comments, I think I must have the most clever readers around, but...I have too much on my mind today, no time for a post, just a  to do list.
1)  Find recyclable materials (newspaper, brown paper bags, boxes, etc) around the house to package stamp sets that sold yesterday on eBay, package and prepare to ship.  Take to post office.
2)  Staples:
  ~envelopes for seed mix that is finally finished!
  ~labels for Hummingbird wildflower seed mix that I just finished designing late last night!
  ~check prices on postage scale (for seeds and postage, I'm probably too cheap and will wait until the next  Goodwill trip, but I do have a good Staples coupon and my rebate $, hmmm)
3)  ISBN #'s for Llucky Llama, yes you read that right.  I am patiently waiting.
4)  Start updating websites with all new (and cheaper) Naked~Nure and Royal Ranch's Hummingbird wildflower seed mix, so that I can concentrate on:
5)  Setting up my new Author/Ranch visits.  This is a program that I am really excited about.  The book is finally coming to fruition, I have figured out the direction in which I am headed, and I am starting to make some contacts.  I am so excited to be finally pulling this all together!


Daisy said...

If I buy a copy of Llucky Llama for our school library, we'd love an autographed bookplate!

lfhpueblo said...

Today you can't super blog,
because you have to get to your other Royal Ranch business jobs.
So get busy girl and don't spend too much time on us in the chit chat Hob Nob,
we understand because we're not snobs.
We'll be back to read when you
find you have time to blog,
even if it's about Corn on the Cob,
or springtime fog.

Sorry, I'm just crazy.
I like stupid poems,
even if I make them up myself.