Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oddballs at The Royal Ranch? No....

So, I was just telling you about me and my oddball bunch here at The Royal Ranch, and how I need your help with my new catch phrase.  Well, they say I picture is worth a thousand words, and if I had had a camera with me this morning, the pictures would have been priceless!!!!  I had to get back on and tell you all about it.  As usual I had done my posting before everyone was up and out of bed.  I got the boys out the door without a mishap, which is something to write home about, I must say.  It is a beautiful morning here in Colorado, with a storm expected, so Isabella and I decided to walk the quarter mile to the bus stop.
That is where things went all wrong!  See, animals don't like it when you throw a wrench into their plans.  Once they see their feed mama head out the door it is feeding time, and that's that.  So, for a quarter mile, I hear two battling roosters and two screaming sheep, you know they have been starving for a full twelve hours!  Well, we haven't gotten the hang of walking to the bus, so we were a little late and had to run the last little bit, and Rosie (the dog) got really excited, and hopped right on the bus with Bella!  Like a good girl, she followed Bell to her seat and sat right down.  I had to climb onto the bus and coax her off amidst the joyous laughter of the kids and the crimson face of my poor daughter!
I then hurry home to feed the demanding animals that are bawling so loudly by this time that I figure I have animal control on the way.  The chickens are stacked pyramid style against the fence to get out of their coop to see what kind of morsels I have brought them from the kitchen and to find their secret places to lay their eggs, it cracks me up every time!  Finally I get a chance to play with my new lambs; Crash is "ramming" the water bucket, impatiently waiting for me to pet him.  Princess, on the other hand is still quite shy, so I get down on the ground to try and get her to come near... and BAM, I have a lamb on my back!  Will this place never cease to amaze me?

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Daisy said...

I'm still laughing, envisioning the dog climbing on the school bus! The kids probably loved it.

lfhpueblo said...

A Day In The Life Of The Mom At Royal Ranch.

The dog's on the school bus,
Bella's face is red,
while two roosters are in a fuss,
and two hungry screaming sheep could wake the dead,
chickens stacked up pyramid style,
Crash "ramming" his head for awhile,
but what makes this Royal Ranch Mom smile?
A precious lamb on my back.
In my crazy, busy life nothing strange do I lack.