Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Made In USA

Okay folks, this is a road we have traveled down before.  I'm going to take you down it one more time.  I feel very strongly about buying products that are made in the USA whenever possible.  So, that means that when I am selling a product, it is going to be entirely made here in the USA!  Well, that is much easier said than done, now that I am working with suppliers.
As I have mentioned Naked~Nure, my llama manure "tea" bags are under going a change to make it cheaper and more accessible to all gardeners, not just the fad gardeners.  I have found that if I buy muslin bags instead of making the bags myself I can save big time.  The problem is finding the bags made in America, which I did finally accomplish.  I also have mentioned my new line of flower seeds that I have hand selected that will attract my very favorites, Hummingbirds.  Again, I had a hard time finding eco-friendly packaging that is made right here in our wonderful country.  But, with a lot of time and patience, I am the victor!
I've got to tell you one of the most disappointing things has been the sales people that I have dealt with.  Or actually I should say that I haven't dealt with.  I had one company that I could not find a phone number on their website so I e-mailed them twice; the third e-mail told them how I no longer wished to hear from them as I had spent my hard earned money elsewhere.  I informed them that I do not do business with people who do not have a readily available phone number and who does not reply to e-mails in a timely fashion.  Another company, their salesman just never called me back; even after I left the message that I was going to place an order!  But, I digress, the point is, is that I was able to find everything that I wanted, made right here in the Good Old USA!  And, it is all packaging that I will be proud of.  My products are still ones that I can proudly stand behind and I didn't put up with any bull to get them!
In case you are all wondering why I am a little late with my Spring line, you must remember that The Royal Ranch sits at 9,000 feet in elevation.  It is almost impossible for me to wrap my head around Spring right now, whether the calendar says so or not.  You also must remember that these are very new products, just recently invented by us, so we are still getting our feet wet, so to speak.   Our wonderful, environmentally friendly products are just days away, though, so don't spend all of your gardening budget just yet-ha!
I tell you all of this as I am picturing myself laughing and whooping it up yesterday busting up to The Royal Roost through two feet of snow to get it ready for our Spring Break guests that arrive today-I hope.  We got another huge storm last night, so we'll see.  I will try to take the camera with me today when I check them in, because the road is just unbelievable where Tom has plowed, there is a section of road that we have nicknamed the "trough" because that is what it looks like it is so deep with snow!  Living in Colorado is an endless adventure, but the good news is the kids don't have school so I don't have to worry about keeping the dog off of the school bus!

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Daisy said...

I'm still laughing at the vision of the dog on the school bus!